Easy Peasy Christmas craft ideas your kids will love!

Gingerbread house ornament

It’s hard not to get into the Christmas spirit, and I’m not just talking about the children, but even for me! There’s just a different magic about December, maybe it’s the wonderful weather, or just that there always seems to be festivities and merry making all around. My kids and I usually begin out Christmas crafts from November, giving us enough time to make a good number of Christmas tree ornaments and a few other things to put on display beside our tree. So here I am sharing with you all our Christmas, sparkle, tinsel and jingle! 

We make some really easy Christmas tree ornaments.

1. Gingerbread house ornament– this was super easy and if you have kids, you’ll have everything at home! Candy sticks, paint, pompoms, sparkly pipe cleaners (optional), paper and a glue gun. Honestly if you don’t have any of the above you can just improvise with what is available.

2. Pipe cleaner ornaments- This activity is the easiest! All you need are some sparkly pipe cleaners and let the children sharpen their small motor skills. And you’ll be left with some pretty and delicate tree ornaments!

3. Mason jar snow globes – ok this looks like a lot of work, but I promise you it really isn’t! It looks just magical for a mantel display. Get your child’s photograph printed, cut and laminated. Glue gun it to a mason jar lid and add any other landscaping for a backdrop. A combination of water and glycerine with a handful of magic (glitter, pompoms, sequins) will do the rest!

4. Christmas window art. Yes that’s right! It’s not just for store window displays but you can also do it at home. You can use liquid chalk markers or just regular poster paints. It looks lovely and they wipe off so easily with a wet napkin.

5. Oh and I almost forgot! I have also stocked up on a couple of DIY kits from this wonderful find- https://cupikdesign.com/ . Their kits are easy and neat and would not require adult supervision!

The DIY personalized Christmas wreath  is perfect for the doors of your kids rooms. Hand some glue, tinsel, paints and sparkle to the kids and let them go to town on it. It’s fantastic for the kids to visualize what they want with their final creation and try to reach there on their own. It can add a great deal to their visual and creative skills as they self-learn techniques to creat their own masterpieces.
This DIY Christmas tree makes for an adorable table top décor for mum and dad’s work table.

Ladies! I don’t know about you guys, but I prep FIRST for the evenings when I just want to curl up on the couch, sit with a glass of wine and watch the kids do their own thing. And I’ve made the rest of it just easy peasy for you 😀


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