Must Have Art Supplies if Your Kids are Aged 5 – 7 Years

Personalized Sketchbooks

Do you remember the feeling when opening a new set of crayons? Oh the possibilities that flashed through my mind! Places I had never seen, only figments of my imagination, that the new set of crayons was going to magically manifest onto my art-sheet! Art brings, to a child’s life, colours, textures, mediums of inspiration, creativity and expression, and art supplies in itself can have the power to inspire art. Somehow any new personalised  art supplies would bring about a sparkle to my mind’s eye and result in an excited play of colours (which may or may not have ended as a big brown blob). But there was always a spring in my step that day as I walked to the art room, as if armed with my regular and jumbo sketch pens, 48 pieces of oil pastels, box of poster paints (with the white paint being white and not grey) and the unbroken cakes of watercolors, I was ready to take on the world and paint the town red!

Now, let me get back to behaving my own age… of motherhood. My child is my BRAND ok! I made her, I named her and I keep her alive and kicking (me). So I’m quite enjoying the idea of displaying the uniqueness of my “brand” on my child’s art supplies with the help of Cupik Design’s excellent assortment of personalized products.

For the little ones who are just starting out with school as a whole new world, art becomes a medium of journaling and expressing their innermost feelings, hopes and needs. How heartwarming it is to see their innocent translation (in art) of their holiday destination or festival celebrations. Somewhere between those lopsided little stick figures and artistic sketches, they manage to speak volumes about their deepest joys, worries or desires, just ask their art teacher. So invest in art supplies that can inspire and encourage your child’s creativity. An empty canvas is full of possibilities, and here’s a collection of Cupik Design’s Personalised Sketchbooks for your little aspiring Picasso. The sketchbook is personalised with her name and favorite characters or theme and they also go the extra mile wherein each page of the sketchbook has the name of the child printed as if it’s their own signature on their artwork.










Now to collect these unique art pieces and the safekeeping of the memorabilia, I got us an Art Folder with her name and favored theme personalized, promoting our organizational skills to- so cool! They give another opportunity to go above and beyond in your “branding” strategy and that is – Personalised Crayons, Sketch Pens and Color Pencils. You name it and they can do it for You! They have even etched pencils with names so as to avoid mix-up of any of the supplies with those of other children.


Lastly, have you come across the Maped gel pep crayons? Oh! The smoothness and the vibrancy of those colors can make any work luminous and make a person of any age want to sit down to fill a page with color! Armed with these colors of brilliance, one can only feel that the world is but a canvas to our imagination!

I want my daughter to have the same feeling of awe-inspired creativity, that her imagination could possibly magically come alive. Do you remember that “shaka laka boom boom” pencil that took the classrooms by storm (or should I say swirls)? Which child did not try to draw up a monster to eat up their annoying sibling or a pet with superpowers for a sidekick and a million other things in hopes that it would manifest into something real. All I’m trying to say here is buy art supplies for your kids, because it is a large part of a child’s creativity, a manifestation of their imagination and has the magical power to inspire…


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