Must have back to school essentials guide

Back to school

Must have back to school essentials guide

Hello all you lovely people! We sure are in a perky, quirky and just a tad sparkly mood today. New academic year is coming up soon for many and we are so excited for everyone embarking on this fun learning journey! A new grade (in our childhoods) meant new everything – Notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, backpack, water bottle, snack box and the works! 

On the first day as we would march to school, our stride had its own vigor as though we were equipped to take on the five thousand seven hundred and eighty three points that we had to understand, memorize and present in our exam papers at the end of the year. However this spring in our steps would last till about the 7th week of school when the new things got misplaced or exchanged with someone else’s new things and life slowly became a blur of burden without any sparkle. 

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, we are now armed with ammunition to prevent any sort of misplacement or misjudgement (of ownership) of all things dear- Personalized LABELS! Now back in the day, labels were a rectangular picture of dull and dreary with spaces for name, subject, class and school details to be filled as designated. In this most wonderful, colorful enigmatic world of design and creation, we can have stickers that are square or even round! We, at Cupik design are making these in the most vibrant colors, personalizing them with themes of your choice aaaannndd wait for it – they’re waterproof! 

No more labels floating away into the sink as the knick knacks are washed, and flying through label packs each month. If you think about it, there are a lot of opportunities to lose things at school and labels can additionally be used for the inside of footwear as well to avoid mix ups. We offer a variety of designs and our creative juices are always flowing for newer requirements.

Imagine having your child misplace their entire school bag! What a disoriented day that would be, not to mention the overwhelming feeling of helplessness. In a flood of similar looking school bags, we have here another classy accessory for backpacks to be labeled- our personalized bag tags, which can also be used for tagging travel bags. They are made of sturdy waterproof materials to make them durable and long lasting. Our cool and catchy designs are outstanding and will ensure that there is no loss of property. 

Accessories have always been a style statement and they reflect a person’s personality. Equipping the children with these small but relevant accessories will give them a platform to express their style in a world of mundane school uniforms. There is no better accessory for a school bag than an eye-catching, fashionable and functional design bag tag. Also, the waterproof labels that are basically indestructible, are great to keep up with the belongings of the kids. 

When sending our kids to school, it’s imperative to label all their things, so check them out on our website, beat the rush and get back to school ready well in time for the new academic year. 

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