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Make your child’s school gear truly one-of-a-kind by buying our Personalized School Bag Tags. With personalised bag tags you can quickly spot your luggage amidst a sea of similar bags. Dive into our beautiful range of Bag tags suitable for kids or even when they travel, and infuse a sense of creativity into their everyday items.

Personalised School Bag tags for kids serve multiple purposes both in school and while traveling:

Identification: Bag tags help in quickly identifying a child’s belongings, such as backpacks, lunch boxes, and jackets. It’s especially helpful for younger children who may have similar-looking items in a school setting.

Lost and Found: Kids can be forgetful, and it’s not uncommon for them to misplace or forget their belongings. Bag tags make it easier for teachers, school staff, or fellow travelers to return lost items to their rightful owner.

Safety: In the case of school bags, bag tags often contain emergency contact information. This can be vital in case of medical emergencies or if a child gets separated from their group during a school outing.

Personalization: Bag tags can be personalised with a child’s name. This personal touch can make kids feel more attached to their belongings and less likely to lose them.

Security: While traveling, bag tags can deter theft or accidental mix-up of luggage. If bags are properly tagged, it’s less likely that someone will mistakenly take the wrong bag, and it’s easier to identify if a bag has been tampered with.

Customization: Many kids enjoy decorating and personalizing their bags with stickers, keychains, or other accessories. Bag tags offer another avenue for this creative expression.

In summary, personalised school bag tags for kids are practical tools that serve various functions, from identification and safety to personalization and organization, both in school and during travel. They provide peace of mind to parents and guardians while helping kids take responsibility for their belongings.

Size: Credit Card sized

Note: Identical printing on both sides.
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