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Why stickers make everyone so happy!!

Growing up in Mumbai in the 80s meant having limited choices in stationery unless you were REALLY privileged and could afford to buy stuff from Asiatic or Benzer in South Mumbai. But one relatively reasonable indulgence that my parents allowed me, were stickers! My enormous sticker collection was the envy of every kid in my class, and I used them liberally on scrap books, greeting cards and those year-end slam books we all used to write in.

Throughout childhood and then later as an entrepreneur selling personalised stickers, I’ve come to one conclusion – stickers make EVERYBODY happy! 🙂 A colourful sticky piece of paper on your planner has the power to uplift your mood and set the tone for your day (maybe because we were all rewarded with gold star stickers in kindergarten?). Bumper stickers on your car help you make a statement. Personalised name stickers on your phone or power bank can keep your belongings safe. Personalised gift stickers in different shapes make your presents stand out on the gifts table, and stickers on your jars and bottles can help organize and save you time in the kitchen.

My personal favourite though, are the little stickers that are used in daily planning. A little yellow sticker saying DON’T FORGET brings attention to a pending bill payment. An impending MATH TEST doesn’t seem so daunting to a student if it’s written on a little turquoise sticker in the shape of a cloud. Washi-style strip stickers are great to mark out vacation days or upcoming trips. And little dots and hearts all over your weekly spread somehow just makes it easier to get through even the toughest weeks.

Whether you’re a child or want to nurture the inner child in you, stickers are powerful little expressions that make us feel good. Give it a shot….try putting together a collection, and put them to use! Let them bring you joy in your daily life. As decoration, as supplements to your planning or journaling, or simply to label your things as you step out into the world again and need to keep your personal belongings close at school, university or at the workplace.

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