Delightful Return Gift Ideas for Kids in 2023

Delightful Return Gift

Delightful Return Gift Ideas for Kids in 2023

A new year entails new celebrations, new trends and new experiences. Now that it is February, everyone has managed to settle into a routine -either a new and improved one that diligently includes their resolutions, or fallen back into their old one that works well enough. If you’re a parent, you are already mentally noting down new unique ideas for your child’s birthday celebration. Birthdays are all about creating memories and as the host of a party, you want your guests to remember the day as one with some great memories of a fun party. Birthday personalised return gifts are an extension to the party as a way to send off your child’s friends with a memento of a lovely time spent together. 

Most likely you’re already racking your brains for return favors that are unique and memorable. The market is flooded with toys that are generic and inexpensive, however, those usually result in a one-time use and discard. But if you want to leave your guests with an impactful memory you have to end the night with a well thought of the gift. Here are a few birthday personalised return gift ideas that will wowww your guests.


  • Reusable Weekly planners are a fantastic return gift for children of all ages, helping them better organize their schedules or h make study plans. These favors will also be highly appreciated by the parent committee for imbibing in their children organizational skills. Cupik Design further customizes this experience by personalizing the theme and name for the receiver. Another added benefit of gifting these planners from Cupik is that they’re reusable for all ages and hence will be treasured and used for a long time. 
  • Headphones  This is our #1 bestseller and is a definite hit with kids of all age groups. They can be personalized with names and are quite the deluxe gifting option. Some of other cool features of these are that they’re collapsible and have a battery life of 10hrs. These wireless headphones have a variety of options for prints to offer for children and will make your child’s party memorable for a lifetime
  • Speakers as return favors for a birthday party would definitely win you the coolest party of the year award! And to sweeten the pot to the point of ultimate satiation, we at Cupik Design offer you not just regular speakers, but ones that are personalized with a theme and a name! You might be surprised at how much your guests will appreciate this, but music is life y’all! 
  • Backpacks are a useful return favor for the little ones, and adding an element of personalization to the gift only adds to the sentimental value of the gift. These bags are not specific to usage, such as classes or school, but can be used for a variety of occasions such as travel or even overnight stays. The variety of bags we offer have an array of themes to appeal to different likings of your guest list, and we further cater to personalizing them with the names of the receivers. 
  • Pencil cases with stationery inside are other options that children of all ages have use of. Personalize these pencil pouches and add a variety of stationery supplies to fill it making it a complete gift. 

Therefore, here are some of our newest ideas for gifting in 2023 for all you party planners. Next time you are racking your brains trying to come up with memorable birthday return gift ideas, you know you have a one-stop-shop destination in Cupik Design to reduce all that stress and make life convenient. We stand here offering a variety of options that can be timeless and ageless, uncomplicating gifting for all party hosts. 

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