Celebrate Diwali with Joy: Unique Festive Gifting Ideas for Everyone

Celebrate Diwali with Joy: Unique Festive Gifting Ideas for Everyone

Celebrate Diwali with Joy: Unique Festive Gifting Ideas for Everyone

Diwali celebrations today have evolved, incorporating traditional customs with modern influences and technologies. While the core essence of Diwali remains the same — a festival of lights, victory of good over evil, and the importance of family and community, in contemporary times, Diwali is celebrated in the form of social gatherings, decorations both inside and outside the homes as well as gifting.

Gifting during Diwali has become more elaborate than sending a box of sweets to your friends and family. Gifting is now not just about what you give, but also about the entire packaging. This festive season, Cupik Design brings to you products that are beyond sweets and treats, but other useful products that can be given to the entire family. Especially now that awareness and consciousness about health is widespread, a better alternative would be to give other products that would be useful to the family as a whole.

So here is Cupik Design’s festive gift guide of products to make a Diwali gift hamper for loved ones are-

Stationery sets:

A set of stationery can include a variety of products such as pen, pencils, crayons, color pencils, sketch pens and labels or stickers. These are a useful combination to gift children and What's even better? We can personalise them in a totally cool and one-of-a-kind style.

Art supplies:

In a household with children, art supplies are always a hit, especially if you top it off with personalised ones.

Book stamps:

Appealing to the hearts of Bibliophiles, book stamps are a revolutionized method of labeling one’s books. These stamps can have funny or sassy messages denoting the ownership of the book.

Zodiac stationery:

Cupik has recently launched an entire collection of Zodiac stationery featuring notebooks, laptop sleeves, mouse pads, cushions and mugs that can be put together to gift families who would enjoy personalised zodiac collection. One can make a hamper of different zodiac products for each member of the family.

Multipurpose pouches:

Introducing our super cool, personalised multipurpose pouches that are like a burst of sunshine for your day! 🌞 These versatile pouches can carry your toiletries, makeup, sneaky gadget cables, or your secret stash of stationery. The best part? We can add the recipient's name for that extra touch of awesomeness! 😎 And guess what? They're as resilient as a superhero – water-resistant and machine washable! No more worrying about spills or stains, just pure pouch fun!

Water bottles:

Personalised water bottles - they're not just a way to stay hydrated, they're like your family's superhero squad! 💧 Cupik Design can sprinkle some magic on them, adding everyone's names in a fun way, making each bottle as unique as a fingerprint🪄💫.

No more mix-ups or water bottle battles - these bottles are here to save the day! 💪 And they're so awesome that staying hydrated becomes a cool adventure. Let's drink and stay refreshed together🥤!


Personalised with the family name, speakers can be a fantastic gift especially at the time of the year when Diwali parties are in full swing!

Any combination of these can make a lovely festive hamper for a family or an individual.

Gifting during Diwali has become more elaborate, with a growing trend in packaging the gifts. Festive gift packaging during Diwali plays a crucial role in creating an attractive and memorable presentation for your gifts. One can level up the gifting experience with personalised packaging products. Here are some festive gifting ideas-

Gift Envelope:

Personalised gift envelopes give an extra special touch to your ‘blessings’ for the festive season. Envelopes can have customized illustrations reflecting the giver’s likings and interests, and initials or monograms in an elegant or playful font, depending on the occasion.

Gift note cards:

Gift notecards are a thoughtful way to personalise your gifts and convey a special message to the recipient. If the diwali gift is for your child’s friend and their family, one can have a family gift card, or even a separate personalised gift note card to the child. They are designed in ways to enhance the look of the gift.

Gift tags:

Gift tags are a versatile and personalisable element of gift presentation, mainly for writing the name of the recipient and the giver, and to convey ‘best wishes’. We make sure that the gift tags match the overall theme and color scheme of the gift presentation.

Greeting cards:

Festival greeting cards are old school, but always bring about a feeling of warmth and nostalgia. They provide a way to communicate your thoughts and emotions in a tangible and meaningful manner.

Return gift labels:

Return gift labels are a small but impactful way to show appreciation to your Diwali Party guests and enhance the presentation of your party favors. They serve as a lasting reminder of the event and the thoughtfulness of the host. These labels can also include personalised messages, event details, or even instructions.

Gift stickers:

Gift stickers are another version of the gift tags designed to uplift the gifting experience.

These gift packaging products can be made and designed to complement the gift and the packing itself as well as express the giver’s style.

Diwali is a time of togetherness, and the act of giving is just as important as the gift itself. Diwali gifting is a thoughtful way of expressing love and appreciation for one another and a manner of celebrating one of the most important Indian festivals with people dearest to us.