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Personalised Book Stamps: Building a Lasting Bond with Books for Kids!

Personalised Book Stamps: Building a Lasting Bond with Books for Kids!

In the technology boom era, when stories are available at the click of a button, do kids still need to read printed books? The answer will always remain a big yes, and there are several scientific reasons to prove our point. When kids engage with a book, they use multiple senses—sight, touch, and even smell, which help them absorb and retain more information. Research says reading on electronic devices not only deprives them of these benefits but also causes eye fatigue, sleep problems, distraction, and irritability.

Cupik Design knows various ways to help your child build a lasting bond with books, one of them being using personalised book stamps!

What are personalised book stamps for kids?

When you borrow books from a library, you may see that they use a personalised library stamp on the cover page and inside the book. It’s the same thing but for your child’s home library. What may seem like a small activity has big benefits in the long run.

Emotional bonding:

Stamping books with their name helps kids build a sense of importance, ownership and attachment towards them.

Increased engagement:

When kids identify something as their own and are emotionally invested in it, they tend to engage with it more. Personalisation indirectly helps them develop the habit of reading.

Easy tracking:

It is common for children to trade their storybooks among their friends, making it easier to misplace them. Using the customised book stamp, you can help your kids keep track of their book collection.

Besides books meant for leisure reading, kids can use their personalised book stamps on their school textbooks, notebooks, and personal diaries.

How do you help your kids stamp their books?

By now, you may have realised the importance of book stamps and probably have many related questions. How do I make a stamp with my name? Is the book stamp ink safe for my kids? What is the cost of book stamps?

To answer your questions, personalised book stamps for kids are self-inking, easy-to-use, instant-drying, non-toxic, affordable, and last until 500 stamps. Here’s a simple guide for effortless book stamping for your kids:

  • Begin by helping your child to collect all the books they can personalise.
  • Place a book on a flat surface like a table or floor.
  • Open the book, and teach your kid to press the personalised library stamp firmly on top of the first page before gently lifting it.
  • Ta-da! Your child’s book is now personalised—a positive step forward in their reading journey.


The customised book stamp ink may require more time to dry on glossy pages. To prevent smudging, wait for a while before touching the stamped area.

Bonus: 5 tips to help your kids get into the habit of reading!

If your children don’t enjoy reading as much, there are many ways you can help change their opinion:

  • Make reading a part of their bedtime ritual.
  • Be a role model and read in front of your child.
  • Discuss the books they finish reading.
  • Draw parallels between books and everyday life.
  • Take your child to the library, exhibitions, or bookstores and help them pick books.

Explore Cupik Design’s personalised book stamp designs.

You can easily buy personalised book stamps online via Cupik Design! They have a variety of adorable designs and creative fonts to match your child’s personality and likings, ensuring each book becomes uniquely theirs. Pick any from the following offerings for your young bookworm:

  • Hot air balloon book stamp for excited adventurers
  • Block book stamp for simple and elegant ones
  • Truck book stamp for toy car enthusiasts
  • Cloud book stamp for dreamers
  • Unicorn book stamp for believers in magic
  • Meow book stamp for cat fans
  • Puppy book stamp for dog huggers