Secret Santa Gifts

Secret Santa Showdown: Most loved Secret Santa gifts to celebrate Xmas at the workplace

Secret Santa Showdown: Most loved Secret Santa gifts to celebrate Xmas at the workplace

Whether you are playing Secret Santa with your office colleagues, family, kids, good old buddies, or neighbors, choosing the perfect gift is a challenge in any situation. Plus, with the number of parties that you may have to attend, it can be quite challenging to find relevant and useful gifts for a varied audience while keeping your budgets for December in check! Also, not knowing the person well just adds to the difficulty of selecting the perfect gift for Secret Santa.

Luckily, Cupik Design has got you covered with delightful Secret Santa gifting ideas for everyone, regardless of how well you know them.

Secret Santa Gifts under 500

  • Personalised bookmarks: Is your recipient a bookworm who loves reading whenever they find time? Chances are everyone is giving them books, but we are sure no one has thought of giving them a personalised bookmark or two, so why don’t you?
  • Personalised ceramic mugs: Anyone who loves tea or coffee never minds adding a new ceramic mug to their collection. If they are into movies, TV series, and comics, merchandise mugs make the best Secret Santa gift for them. Don’t know their preferences? You can give them a cup printed with their unique Zodiac sign!

Secret Santa gifts for women

  • Personalised cushions: Women adore cutesy things, and a square-shaped pillow is guaranteed to bring them immense joy. Whether for getting a quick afternoon nap or adding elegance to their bedroom, this cushion serves multiple purposes!
  • Magnetic list pads: Let’s be honest—ladies have a lot on their minds: work deadlines, grocery shopping, kids’ assignments, meal preps, and whatnot. A magnetic list pad is the best Secret Santa gift to help them make to-do lists and have a stress-free routine.
  • Personalised notebooks: Notebooks or diaries are a valuable Secret Santa gift for women of all ages and professions. They love taking notes, whether it’s a personal anecdote, a recipe they learned, or important dates they wish to remember.

Secret Santa gifts for men

  • Annual planners: A personalised annual planner is a mindful gift for office-goers and business people who are always on the go! It can help them stay on track with their work schedules and level up their productivity.
  • Bluetooth speaker: If your recipient is a music lover or party animal, it goes without saying that a Bluetooth speaker is a good Secret Santa gift idea for them.
  • Personalised water bottle: Secret Santa gifting is straightforward for exercise freaks. Give them fitness gifts like a personalised water bottle, and they’ll ensure to carry it to their gym, marathons, and treks.

Secret Santa gifts for coworkers

  • Desk organisers: Check your recipient’s desk. Is it messy? Is their stationery missing? Then, a desk organiser is a unique Secret Santa gift for them. It is loaded with productivity tools—post-it flags, a notes cube, pen, eraser, sharpener, highlighter, stapler and U-clips!
  • Zodiac mouse pads: Another Secret Santa gifting idea is to see if their mouse pad is worn out and replace it with a brand new designer mouse pad featuring their unique Zodiac sign.

Secret Santa gifts for kids

  • Lil artist hamper: Most children love drawing their imaginations and colouring them. When brainstorming Secret Santa gift ideas for them, you cannot go wrong with a personalised sketchbook and colouring box set!
  • Ultimate Christmas hamper for kids: Kids who love stationery will be thrilled to receive this personalised hamper, containing a treasure trove of stationery goodies, including a desk organiser, notepad, pencils, book stamp, and more!
  • Steel meal set: This unique Secret Santa gift of crockery and cutlery with adorable prints will impress even the pickiest little eaters! Remember, they can say no to their mothers, but how can they refuse meals served by unicorns, Superman, or Santa Claus?

Wrap your Secret Santa gifts like a pro!

Whether you are buying Secret Santa gifts for coworkers, family, or friends, you must have decided what to get by now. At Cupik Design, you can not only order your presents online but also purchase attractive wrapping papers and gift tags to wrap them beautifully.

Begin your holiday shopping now and enjoy the festivities with your loved ones!