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Dream Big, Create Bigger: Art & Writing Kits for Barbie & Sofia Fans!

Dream Big, Create Bigger: Art & Writing Kits for Barbie & Sofia Fans!

Barbie was invented by a visionary woman named Ruth Handler in 1959 after she observed her daughter Barbara engrossed in imaginative play with her paper dolls. Since then, this iconic doll has taken the world by storm, becoming one of the most beloved toys of little girls. Barbie's popularity also reflects in the countless movies dedicated to her adventures. Fashion designer, dancer, painter, writer—she has taken on many creative and positive roles, inspiring girls to dream big and create bigger!

If the magical world of Barbie fires your daughter with enthusiasm to get creative, Cupik Design has a delightful surprise for her. We have designed art & writing kits depicting a famous Barbie movie character 'Princess Sofia'. Get these personalised kits and watch them spend hours honing their creative skills!

What do the Barbie-themed art & writing kits for kids include?

1.Sofia Sketch Book

A blank page is a gateway to the world of imagination, so any drawing kit for kids is incomplete without a sketchbook! Sofia sketchbook comes with a beautiful cover artwork of Princess Sofia and her cute animal friends in front of the magnificent palace, which will inspire the little ones to create their own! But wait, there's more to make their hearts flutter with excitement to use the sketchbook—the fact that it can be personalised with their name on the cover page and every single page within!

2. Sofia Crayon Box Set

If you are wondering which type of colour is best for drawing, many suggest oil pastels. That's because they are darker and smoother than colour pencils or wax crayons, making it easier for kids to create vibrant masterpieces! The Sofia colour kit for drawing contains 25 oil pastels to help unleash the kids' creative and colourful side of themselves! If you wish to purchase the personalised sketchbook and crayon box set together, the Sofia Lil Artist Hamper–Mini is perfect!

3. Sofia Folder

It would be heartbreaking for your little one to lose the artwork they created with much hard work and dedication. You can help them stay organised and secure their drawings in the lovely purple-coloured personalised Sofia folder for years. It is durable and can easily store 150-200 A4 sheets. It also makes a delightful showcase for friends, relatives, or other guests at home!

4. Sofia Art Folio

Does your child get upset over misplacing their favourite supplies every other day? You can end this problem with the new addition to art & writing kits for kids—the Sofia art folio with their name printed on top! It has various spacious compartments to store everything, including its crayon box, sketchbook, colour pencils, sketch pens, and more.

5. Sofia Letterpad

Cupik Design also has Sofia-themed writing supplies for kids. If your daughter loves writing letters and notes to loved ones, you can encourage her writing skills by buying her the Sofia letter pad! You will receive a colourful booklet with 50 tear-off sheets, each adorned with her name and enough blank space to pour out her thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

6. Sofia Hardbound Notebook

Kids with a flair for writing tend to journal everything they can, from their daily adventures to to-do lists to travel experiences. If they are Barbie fans, they will cherish writing in the Sofia notebook!

7. Sofia Ultimate Stationery Addict's Hamper

The Sofia Ultimate Stationery Addict's Hamper is true to its name. This art & writing kit is like heaven on earth for stationery addicts. It contains a personalised folder, letter pad, notepad, 50 ruled A4 sheets, a post-it pad and a pouch full of assorted stationery essentials. We know it sounds too good to be true, but grab it for the stationery lover in your life!

Surprise your little Barbie & Sofia fans!

Whether you are looking for colour kits for drawing or writing supplies for kids, now you know that Cupik Design has one for all. Order the art & writing kit without delay and see your little girl jump for joy!