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5 Heartwarming Occasions to Use Personalised Gift Stickers

5 Heartwarming Occasions to Use Personalised Gift Stickers

Kids are introduced to the idea of gift-giving from the moment they are born. They grow up receiving presents from parents, relatives, neighbours, and friends on every special occasion. Soon they realise that gifts are a wonderful way to express their love and appreciation for someone. With time, they start saving their pocket money and gift money to participate in the joy of giving too.

But you know what excites them more? The opportunity to add their name to the present! Kids place great importance on their names and take pride in personalising the gifts they have chosen for their dear ones. And for that purpose, personalised gift stickers are a perfect match!

When can kids use personalised stickers for gift bags and boxes?

On many occasions, kids would love to decorate the presents they buy or create for their loved ones with gift label stickers. Cupik Design has five ideas for you and your little gifter.

1. Birthdays

Kids love celebrating the birthdays of their friends, family members, teachers, and everyone they hold dear. They excitedly plan their special day, crafting birthday cards or getting adorable gifts. You can help them add a special touch to their thoughtful gestures using personalised birthday gift stickers with sweet words such as 'lotsa love', 'love & hugs', or 'best wishes' followed by their name!

2. Festivals

Exchanging presents is a common tradition during many festivals celebrated in India, such as Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, and Christmas. When families and friends come together, they always surprise all the children with chocolates, sweets, clothes, and other delightful gifts. To foster the art of bonding and to create positive relationships, you can motivate your kids to make greeting cards in return using personalised gift stickers wishing them 'Happy Diwali', 'Merry Christmas' or expressing gratitude.

3. Special Days

Children value their relationships and make it a point to honour them on special days such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Teacher's Day, and Friendship Day. They express their feelings through heartfelt letters, beautiful art and crafts, and thoughtful gifts. So, gift supplies stock, such as wrapping paper, gift bags, gift boxes, scissors, tape, and art and writing material, are an important part of growing up. You can make their stash complete with personalised gift stickers with names.

4. Parties

When organising events such as a birthday party, play date, brunch, or picnic outing for your little one and their friends, party favours must surely be on your prep checklist. You can purchase lovely personalised gift tags online to adorn candy jars, art supplies, storybook sets, or any other items you plan to give out. You can also use them to make personalised party invitations! Kids feel joyful and uplifted to receive invites and presents with customised text such as, 'See you at the party', 'Thank you for making my birthday special,' or 'Sweet treats for sweet you!'.

5. Congratulatory occasions

Along with etiquettes such as 'please', 'thank you', and 'sorry', teaching kids to express happiness for others' achievements is vital to help them flourish into good humans. It is a good idea to encourage them to pen down a congratulatory note and use personalised gift stickers for gift bags whenever a family member or friend wins a laurel.

Buy personalised gift tags online for your kids!

If you are inspired to buy personalised gift stickers with names for your kids, look no further than Cupik Design! Whether your child loves cats, dinos, florals, barbies, or superheroes, we have many fun and vivid designs to suit everybody's likings. We also offer styles for festivals such as Diwali and Christmas to add a personal touch to your holiday gifts.

These easy-to-use stickers can stick onto any material, including paper, plastic, or cloth packaging. So, shop gift label stickers for your kids and see them burst with joy whenever they personalise their gifts using them!