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From Crayons to Sketchbooks: Essential Art Accessories for Kids

From Crayons to Sketchbooks: Essential Art Accessories for Kids

While kids nowadays may quickly grasp how to use a smartphone and other hi-tech gadgets, it does not signify that it is aiding their overall growth. Many researchers have confirmed that traditional toys, games, and activities are crucial in fostering children's development. Among these indispensable activities, art stands out!

If you are looking for the best art accessories for kids, Cupik Design, one of the leading stores of personalised art and craft supplies online in India, is here to help.

What are the essential art supplies for children?

Whatever art supplies you choose for your kids, our tip is to look for beautifully designed products with personalisation features. Apart from making excellent gifts, the customised products can motivate them to engage in art and help them keep track of their supplies. What's best is that you can get all the following art and craft supplies online!

1. Crayon boxes

Crayons are must-have art supplies for kids and the first tool you should introduce to them. Besides colours being fascinating to kids, it helps them develop crucial fine motor skills and muscle endurance needed for many tasks in school and everyday life. Colouring on a blank paper inspires storytelling while colouring within the lines enhances spatial awareness.

2. Colour pencils

Add colour pencils to your art and craft supplies online shopping if your kid has acquired the necessary skills for pencil grasp. Personalised colour pencils can motivate them to engage in various activity worksheets such as connect-the-dots, pencil control, and trace and colour, all great precursors to writing letters.

3. Aqua sketch pens

If you are looking for art accessories for kids who are older and know how to write, aqua sketch pens will be the perfect addition to their stationary kit. They can use them to write colourful greeting cards, journals, or school projects. Kids also enjoy colouring intricate artwork or outlining their drawings using sketch pens.

4. Sketchbooks

Along with colouring tools, sketchbooks are must-have art supplies for kids. After all, they need lots of blank space for their creativity. Cupik Design offers wire-bound A4 size personalised sketchbooks with attractive cover designs perfect for boys and girls. It provides a unique personalisation feature on every page so young artists can confidently create and feel proud of their masterpieces.

5. Art folios

Personalised art folios are trending art accessories for kids online and make a perfect gift for young artists who own a lot of art supplies. Our compact storage kits feature three spacious see-through sections and a removable clear zipper pouch that lets kids learn organisation skills. Besides that, with their name printed on the bag, they can avoid losing their favourite art supplies! The handle on top makes it easy to carry around like a bag, making it ideal for drawing classes and travelling.

6. Colour my diary kit

If you are browsing for quirky art accessories for kids, check out our 'Colour My Diary Kit.' It includes a personalised diary with a detailed cover design and a pack of colourful permanent markers. The kids can colour the cover page using their vivid imagination and favourite colours. Having a diary of their own is a great way to encourage them to record their daily experiences, dreams, to-do lists, and moments of gratitude. Developing a journaling habit allows kids to navigate their thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Art Accessories for Kids

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We hope we answered your question, 'What are some must-have drawing supplies for young artists?'. Cupik Design is your one-stop shop for art and craft supplies online in India. The ability to personalise all our offerings, from crayon boxes to art folios, sets us apart. Our personalisation feature works wonders with kids because it gives them a sense of ownership, helping them feel that these supplies are important and unique to them. Furthermore, our art supplies come in quirky and colourful designs, making them a beloved choice among kids.