10 years of cupik design

10 Years of Cupik Design

10 Years of Cupik Design

I remember walking out of the exam hall quite excitedly after appearing for my first 10th std board exam. Two of my friends were out in the corridor discussing their answers animatedly, knowing they'd done well. They asked me how my paper went. I said "Forget that. It was easy. Whatever. Did you see the quality of the answer sheets that the board has provided? It’s AMAZING!! Black ruled lines instead of blue, and even the margin is black. Love that! The size is also international size....such smooth texture the pen was just gliding over th..." That's when I noticed their raised eyebrows. I sounded crazy! Who CARED about the paper quality?!!??! 😂

Sometimes though, we need a little madness to take us where we're meant to go 😉. Cupik Design personalised stationery turns 10 years old today, and I’m proud as a peacock! 🥳 While hard work and an amazing team are the reason that we continue to offer fabulous premium stationery products for individuals and corporates, I’d credit the madness and passion as the reasons that have fuelled our growth!

As always, I am grateful to our oldest customers, who still continue to buy from us, recommend us, and are quite brutal with their feedback to keep us on the straight and narrow. Thank you, again! We’re here because of you 🙏🏼

Here’s to more madness in the coming years…