Top 10 Values we abide by at Cupik Design

Top 10 Values we abide by at Cupik Design

Top 10 Values we abide by at Cupik Design
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Cupik Design, I’d like to share a little about the values that we hold close to our hearts. These values are non-negotiable even for our team members and they are a large part of what we have managed to achieve. We take pride in our values and principles and are divulging them so that the world can know and trust us to uphold them.
  1. On time delivery, EVERY SINGLE TIME. When we commit to an order, we take our responsibility of delivering the promised goods on time very seriously. If our client has our word on delivery time, we will pull out all the stops to make sure that our product is in the client’s hands on the expected day. I will never forget the time I spent 3 hours at the airport once, ensuring that a big return gifts order got on to the flight’s cargo hold, because it was a child’s first birthday the next day!
  2. Customer service- We strive to provide excellent customer service whether it is related to responding to queries, or resolving rare delivery or other issues faced by our clients. We give an assurance to resolve any dilemmas within 48 hours at the latest.
  3. Quality consciousness- We have built a top-notch quality assurance team that ensures that any less-than-perfect product NEVER leaves our premises. We take pride in the quality of products that we deliver and under no circumstances would we compromise on our ideal.
  4. Mutual understanding & respect - Our small team is tight-knit and a hardworking bunch hailing from different backgrounds and cultures. We all respect and embrace our differences and learn from one another making our workspace happy and wholesome.
  5. Positive Thinking – One of our greatest strengths, a positive mind set and outlook has fuelled us through many rocky roads that all businesses come across in their runs. Focusing on the positives and moving forward has been our glowing torch!
  6. Common shared goals – Our team is our Cupik family, and we all have dreams and goals for the company. We like to be inclusive when we collectively set company goals and together set off to achieve them. One such goal earlier this year, was to ensure that I spent more time on sales than operations (as any team leader ought to do) and my team has more than stepped up and taken it upon themselves to handle daily operations independently.
  7. Ethical Business Principles - Ethics in business dealings is the hallmark of our business transactions and interactions. Whether with suppliers, stakeholders or clients, we refuse to compromise on our ethics for improper or unfair conduct.
  8. Learning Spirit - At Cupik Design, we like to create an environment of learning that helps our team upgrade and up-skill within the organization. We have been fortunate to have successfully built a team that is enthusiastic and eager to learn. In the middle of 2020, after nearly 3 months of sitting at home, we all started upskilling ourselves thanks to e-learning platforms and by the end of the year, all of us had learnt 2-3 new skills that have helped us do our work better.
  9. Honesty and Transparency – These values, especially concerning to product development helped us build our high standards. The number of product ideas shot down by our team, because they were not “good enough” or “Cupik level of awesome” has been numerous! But we refuse to bargain on our awesomeness.
  10. Enthusiasm and Pride – When a person takes pride and shows enthusiasm in their daily work, the sheer glee cannot be missed. Every person on our team feels exactly that and we take pride in that as well. And it shows, doesn't it?