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Return Gifts: The Ultimate Guide and Ideas for unique return gift for Diwali

Return Gifts: The Ultimate Guide and Ideas for unique return gift for Diwali

You've done everything to make your home Diwali-ready—adorned your house with diyas, flowers, and lighting, made beautiful rangoli at your doorstep, and laid out a delicious spread of sweets and snacks. However, to truly enrich your Diwali celebration, there's one more essential element to consider: personalised return gifts for your guests.

Why Return Gifts are Important?

In today’s fast-paced and demanding lives, where get-togethers with family and friends are limited to festive occasions, giving thoughtful return gifts is one of the most heartfelt ways to convey our affection and care. Moreover, return gifting helps us express appreciation, gratitude, and respect for our guests who bring warmth and happiness to our homes during Diwali.

Cupik Design has unique return gift ideas to help you add a memorable touch to your loved ones' Diwali celebrations!

Top personalised return gift ideas for kids

Notebook: A 200-page hardbound personalised notebook in stunning cover prints such as cricket, superhero, fairies, or purple hearts is a unique return gift idea for school-going boys and girls! They can use it as a personal diary, travel journal, or practice book.

Sketchbook: Do you have a little artist visiting you during Diwali? A personalised sketchbook can be the best return gift for them, inspiring them to bring their creative imagination to life and produce beautiful masterpieces.

Colouring tools: Another valuable personalised stationery gift that can hone their artistic skills and help with school projects includes colouring tools such as coloured pencils, crayon boxes, and aqua sketch pens. These kits can be customised with their names, ensuring the kids do not lose their favourite creativity tools.

Multipurpose pouch: A personalised pouch is an ideal return gift for kids who are a little older and have developed a sense of ownership and responsibility towards their belongings. They can put this spacious pouch to many uses, such as storing stationery, coin collection, greeting cards, jewellery, or toiletries.

Bag tags: Besides being a fashionable bag accessory, personalised bag tags help kids track their school bags. This Diwali gift will be especially beneficial during field visits, fun school trips, and overnight camps when the chances of misplacing bags are higher.

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Unique Diwali gifts for family and friends

Gifting kids is easy, but it is more challenging to impress adults! Explore the following personalised return gifts for family and friends that will surely leave a lasting impression:

Annual planner 2024: For all the people in your life who love to plan their lives and stay organized, a yearly planner makes the best return gift. The Cupik Design personalised wire-bound planner features vibrant cover designs, monthly quotes, habit tracking pages, sticker sheets, and more that will make journaling more enjoyable!

Engraved pen: If a pen sounds too generic to be an impressive festive gift idea, consider one with an elegant black body engraved with your guest's name in sparkly gold or silver, presented in a chic tin box. Now, that is something they will treasure for years to come.

Ceramic mugs: Whether it's sipping the daily morning tea or relishing a hot chocolate on a rainy day, everything feels a little more special when you have it in a unique mug. Cupik Design offers ceramic mugs featuring popular themes like Harry Potter, Marvel Comics, Friends, and Zodiac signs.

Wireless charger: Wireless chargers make an excellent Diwali gift for the family as they can serve as a shared device for everyone at home having Qi-compatible phones.

Start shopping for personalised return gifts!

Now that you have enough personalised return gift ideas, you can prepare your Diwali guest list, categorise them into kids and adults, set a budget, and start ordering your customised return gifts from Cupik Design now! To get more ideas about return gifts please refer to our previous blog!