Prepare for a New Year With Our Personalised Annual Planner

Annual Planner

Prepare for a wonderful 2023 with our Personalised Annual Planners

We all welcomed 2020, like we do every new year, with hopes, dreams, plans, budgets, and goals – personal and professional. Then came March, and everything got shaken up, flipped over, and all we could do was learn to adapt and cope.

Now that the pandemic is under control (fingers crossed!) and we have a new year to look forward to with renewed excitement, we look forward to games, setting, and planning our lives in 2023. Within our team at Cupik Design, we like to take some time off at the end of December to create a plan for the year ahead, both individually and as a team. It’s helped us with goal setting, reorienting ourselves as we look up, look ahead from the daily grind, and get back on track once we’re back at our desks from a year-end break, totally focused and raring to go!

Needless to say, your personal and professional goals will be very different. Yet they still need to work in tandem with each other, so you can achieve everything you’re setting out to do. Whether you are looking to advance your career, change directions or even start a new venture, planning on the professional front can really help you stay focused and boost your progress.

Using an Personalised Annual Planner is not a pure business task, but definitely, one to get right if you want any sort of work-life balance. Our social lives, post the pandemic, are fuller than ever! Personal calendars help track events, festivities, and celebrations that should not be missed. Seeing the important dates, months, and weeks in advance, gives you plenty of time to track down the perfect gift or plan a wonderful outing for your loved ones.

Customized Annual Planner

The list of things to put into your planner can be endless, but if you manage to put it all into your planner, you can be the gloating image of efficiency personified! Financial planning, habit tracking, vacation planning, bill payments, memberships or card renewals, school terms and events, maintenance, repairs, and servicing reminders for home appliances as well as vehicles can all go into your planner and you will never again need to rack your brains to remember what you’re forgetting.

You will notice our attention to detail when our thoughtful personalised planners create a wholesome planning and organizing experience for you. They are manufactured with a sturdy hardboard which is further laminated for endurance through all your tasks in the year. We use superior thick quality paper for the pages inside and are bound by an elegant golden spiral giving it a smooth and sophisticated design. There are multiple weekly, and monthly daily views for better organization and pages for notes. Additionally, we’ve included a few therapeutic coloring pages for the times when tasks overwhelm you and you just need some time out! Our much-loved stickers help to spruce up your goals and plans! After all, an ‘insurance premium payment’ written on a bright purple sticker makes the task seem less dull. And productivity review page, equipped with a monthly habit tracker provides a reminder of your accomplishments for when inspiration and encouragement are needed.

Gift yourself (and others) one of our annual planners, personalise them for an added touch, and set yourself up for success in the new year!

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